Saturday, August 13, 2016

I am about to show you something amazing! A way to do business online that is called a “Done for you system”.  Many entrepreneurs may not like this system since they want to take the hard road traveled and that is OK! As an entrepreneur you understand that making mistakes is the key to learning and moving forward! I definitely understand that however an entrepreneur that understands that someone who can shed you their mistakes and enable a step past those experiences and frustrations already ventured is something to listen to to improve your businessjourney!
So … as an adventure seeker I wanted to find the best way to learn and earn to grow an online business so I can keep traveling [which I love to do by the way]. What I am sharing you below is what I am currently involved in and I have to say its Amazing! It is the second one I have found which ensured me that the information I am receiving with this company, by a man named Misha, is a ton of value! He is now my mentor and I am in awe of what he is teaching all of us!
So whenever someone, “entrepreneur mindset or not”, takes the leap to a new unfamiliar territory they have fear of the unknown or am I going to do it right or get ripped off are always in the back of the mind. This is normal and a safe guard to building your business. However you must move forward. I want to speak about an online business that teaches you how to build your presence online, daily connections with a coach, a community of like-minded individuals, and consistent learning webinars. Now that is just the start!
When you get involved in this business venture you start to “Earn while you Learn!” Yes so as you learn things the key is to implement what you learn [take action] and this is where your business starts to take form. You start to get your foundation set up to grow from and ready to direct traffic towards it! Yes traffic! That is people that may like what you’re offering!
Benefits of growing with this company called “The Super Affiliate Network” are:

Shortcut #1: The Profit Boosting Bootcamp

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and confused? Have you ever felt as if you’re being pulled in too many different directions at once? If so, the Profit Boosting Boot-camp is EXACTLY what you need, and is the solution to the problems listed above. Contained within is every tactic, strategy, and system Misha used in order to grow his business and create maximal results in minimal time, all packaged up in bite sized pieces of training designed to take you from point A to point BWITHOUT all the overwhelm.

Shortcut #2: Your Own “Done For You” Lead Machine

Not only will Misha teach you EXACTLY how to setup your own lead machine in the profit boosting boot-camp, He’s also going to GIVE YOU his done for you lead machine that’s tested and proven to convert traffic into leads at 49%+, yours ready to use as your own starting as soon as tomorrow! This is the exact lead machine he used to generate over 50,000 leads last year, it’s yours instantly ready.

Shortcut #3: Maximum Commissions

Not only are you going to receive a done for you lead generation machine, he’ll also give multiple products to promote, with multiple done for you up-sells, and multiple high ticket offers! This will allow you to unlock multiple streams of residual income, and high ticket commissions, allowing you to enjoy the life-changing benefits of more time, freedom, and money that comes along with having a fully optimized profit pulling machine!

Shortcut #4: Systematic Profits

Along with your done for you lead machine and done for you offers, you’re also going to receive done for you multi-channel followup that will result in systematic and repeat $33, $43, $300, $1,000, and $2,000 commissions, all without you EVER having to lift a finger. His copywriter will write the e-mails, he’ll host the webinars, and they’ll close the sales. You just sit back and watch them roll in. The fortune TRULY is in the followup, and with “Systematic Profits”, all of your followup will be done for you by Misha, and a team of 6 figure earners, allowing you to earn MAXIMUM profits, with MINIMAL effort!

Now for the BEST part of working with The Super Affiliate Network and their Done For Your System:

Unfair Advantage Bonus #1: Personal One On One Coaching

The biggest problem by far that most people run into in the Online Marketing world is Overwhelm. It’s brutal grips tear more would be Online Marketers down than anything else, and unfortunately, few ever escape it’s brutal grasp. With personal one on one coaching, along with our step by step boot-camp training, your assured to stay out of overwhelm, and get into profit mode as quickly as humanly possible.

Unfair Advantage Bonus #2: Done For You Traffic

Not only is Misha going to teach you how he effortlessly drives hoards of targeted traffic, on demand, he’s also going to GIVE YOUall of his top performing, tested and proven traffic sources that create sales and profits for him and his business like clockwork. Just finding and using these few traffic sources is what largely got his business to six figures, and are what catapulted him to the status of “super affiliate”.They’re yours, instantly ready, as soon as later today.

Unfair Advantage Bonus #3: My “Push Button Profits” Swipe File

Not only is he going to give you a done for you lead machine, multiple done for you offers, done for you followup, and all of his top secret traffic sources, but he’s also going to give you access to his “Push Button Profits” swipe file… made up of the 100 most responsive e-mails he’s EVER SENT, all tested and proven to convert leads into sales like clockwork. These are the EXACT same e-mails that accounted for all of his results. They’re yours, ready to create profits with, starting later today.

Unfair Advantage Bonus #4: Monthly Immersion Coaching

Once a month you’ll get access to Misha personally. You’ll get on a hangout, and he’ll critique everything you’ve got going on in your business. He’ll let you know exactly what you’re doing well, and exactly what needs changing. After going through the boot-camp, chances are that you’ll be just one or two tweaks away from extreme levels of success, and this is where he’ll make those tweaks. This is the only place where you’ll be able to get personal access toMisha other than joining his $4,997/Year Inner Circle, and is most often times where the members see their biggest breakthroughs.

I highly recommend this “Done for you System” if you’re just starting out wanting to learn an online business plan. You will be most impressed with the direction of mentorship, information shared, and the community which are all keys to your success online.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

3 Tips on Staying Focused to your Goals..

What do you think when you want to start something? You probably think of the end game and say to yourself “wow I can’t do that”. So what happens next? NOTHING!
Most people, a high percentage of people have dreams. Dreams that are so big they feel they cannot reach them because they want it like.. the next day?  Let me say something here, there is no get quick rich formula! Oops! Did I just burst your bubble! That’s right! There is no formula that will make your “THOUGHT” become a reality tomorrow when you’re thinking of being someone new. Yes people want to get big muscles so they do roids but even that takes a few weeks and comes with many health problems! Believe me I have seen it in my lifetime with working out at a gym and being a personal trainer.
Today is #TuesdayTips and I want to share with you some of the things I find to be the best way to reach your dreams! Your goals in either personal or business related! That’s right you can use what I show you in your personal life too!
The one thing I have found easy in my life is that when I learn something I see it work with many other situations across my life – business, personal, global, etc.. All the skills out there are not just for ONE situation but can help you manage many!
Tip #1 Ok. So that would be one TIP. Take what you learn for any situation in your life and see how it may help in another. Like stress for an example. We endure stress in our business/job life and of course we endure stress in our personal lives. Closing your eyes for just 2 minutes allowing your mind to rest, listening to your breathing come in and out of your body can do MAGIC! Magic I tell you! Try it the next time you feel overwhelmed. As you continue to do this activity extend the time slowly up to 10 minutes. When you reach the 10 minute mark you want to start using this time to go into Tip #2.
Tip #2 When you can reach the 10 minute mark of closing your eyes and relaxing your “mind – body – soul” this would be the time you start to “Map your Goals”. What does that mean you ask?.. well. If you do not have a goal in mind then start creating goals. Short term – Day/week/month and also long term goals – 6 months/Year/3 yrs/ 5 yrs/ 10 yrs.. Goals are a MUST in your life. When you find out how powerful goal-setting is to your journey you will understand what I am saying. So when your in your state of relaxing, thinking of your breathing at the beginning, start to visualize a goal of yours, short or long or both. Take the journey that you’re there all ready, feeling the fun, laughter, family gathering, travel, or whatever your journey is taking you. But the key is FEEL & VISUALIZE!
Tip# 3 Now to add to the previous tips this one would be make this a DAILY Habit! We are made up of habits – negative & positive. This daily activity is a POSITIVE HABIT of course and keeps you focused on your journey and who you want to become. See the key is to be the person in your VISION, FEEL the emotions, and your unconscious will map out your journey or reverse engineer the path to your present moment. I am Serious! It’s incredible & exciting to watch it happen! Only 10 minutes per day for YOU out of the approx. 17-18 hours you’re awake doing whatever you have to do.
Take these Tips and try them out in your life starting today if possible – 2 minutes – then in a week do – 5 minutes – by the 3rd week do your best to be at – 10 minutes – and see how your life in Business & Personal has changed just by doing these small actions. It will keep you on track and focused on what you feel inside of you where no one can judge your thoughts😉
Share this post if you feel there is value and also leave a comment below so I can read all about how its helped or if so not helped your life.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jet Lag..? 4 Ways To Beat It!

If you're an experienced traveler for Leisure or Business you may experience jet lag once in your lifetime.
I have traveled from Canada to Japan and Australia on two separate occasions. Very very long flights of 11-13hrs. 
How do you prepare yourself just for the flight alone let alone the time zone change?
Well.. I may have some tricks up my sleeve to help you with the next time you travel from your home to another time zone especially if its a 12 hour difference! I have not experienced jet lag yet in my life as a passenger! That may change now that I am a flight attendant in the future but at the moment I do not fly International.
  1. Get comfortable in your seat and know the time of where you are going. Like James Bond synchronize your watch to your destination. This way you will know what they are currently doing - breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleeping..
  2. Now since you know their time at your destination then start preparing yourself to blend into that time zone Now.. So if they are at certain times like breakfast, lunch, or dinner then you pretend you are too! This is where most people mess up! They keep their time zone routines!
  3. This one is VERY Important! If the destination you are heading to is SLEEPING! Then you must REST! Just close your eyes and do you best to sleep. Use any sleep aids you feel you need and get to it! This way you are already training your cycle to be on their cycle! This will greatly help your transition at the highest percentage!
  4. When you arrive and its 10am there and normally 10pm from your time zone you MUST stay up the entire day - eat breakfast, lunch, dinner with the locals and then go to bed at a decent hour like 8:30-9pm! This will enforce your transition to the 2nd day refreshed and ready to have fun!
I believe these 4 tricks will help you greatly make it safely rested for fun or that Business meeting planned and you will be ready to go by day #2!
Let me know how these tricks work for you! I found it easy to create this when I worked in a 12 hr rotating career position up in Canada. I just treated my 12-13 hr international flights as if I was working my night shift and slept when the destination locals slept. It was interesting to watch everyone on the plane eating dinner and lights out at 9 pm when the local time was morning in Japan for an example. I am sure more than half the plane was jet lagged for days! Not a fun thing to have when you lose a day on your way back.
Well enjoy your next ADVENTURE!! Talk to me when you get back by leaving a comment below!

Best Tool When Baby Sea Turtle Sitting..

I was out last night babysitting sand again. Waiting for these beautiful endangered lives birthed from the earth. If you have ever been to an ocean beach within the times of March to September or a  bit later you would definitely come upon stakes with tape around them and a warning sign. Well in the State of Florida for sure.
A man that was out last night around the time I was had purchased this amazing Monocular Uzi viewer that had infrared capabilities and also incorporated video and photo capture capabilities. This item was amazing! It allowed me to scan the beach coastline to see if any mother sea turtles were coming ashore and if anyone on the beach with flashlights were harming any Sea Turtles. All from a distance of approximately 400 ft.

The clarity of the photos are perfect with no harm to the hatchling or anything else for that matter. There is no lights or flashes needed at all! I highly recommend this tool while out helping endangered sea turtles from mother to hatchling either way you will not interfere the natural cycle of these amazing lives.

Small and powerful I must say! Highly recommended for anything that needs night vision work! My night with the baby sea turtles this item gave me more control of the situation!

Fast Trip Luggage! Business or Pleasure..

Have you ever just wanted to get away from your home just for one night! Fly somewhere and just decompress? Or just a business trip! I have found the luggage for you!
As a flight attendant we need to have what we call a RON bag. RON stands for "Remain Over Night" and that is just it! Enough stuff for a fly through night of a new scenery! This bag I found is amazing - Travelpro Crew 10 - !
It is short but very sweet and well put together! Perfect for that traveling getaway with your significant other! Surprise them on an overnight trip to the Bahamas just because you can! Or be ready in style for your business meeting!
Comes with:
  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Nylon lining
  • 13" high
  • Rolling carry-on suitcase with large main packing compartment featuring built-in organizer, corduroy-lined tablet sleeve, and laptop sleeve

I have been able to fit 2 pairs of pants, 2 button down shirts, shoes, socks, unmentionables and more! In the front pocket I have all my travel toiletry along with my work stuff!
Have a PEEK!!  - Travelpro Crew 10 -  You will definitely love it and Amazon still has it on sale for 60% off too! I had it delivered to my hotel in 2 days and it only cost me $121 ! Ready for work and away I went!
Let me know if you have another piece of luggage that you feel is amazing so I can see if it may work for me or other listeners!